Mental Fitness Workshops

Mental Fitness Workshops

Initiative purpose: 

This initiative is our opportunity to spend time with organisations/schools/groups/clubs so that we can raise awareness of mental health issues and highlight ways to improve mental fitness as well as signpost young people to further information, resources and support.

Supported goals: 

Work with local organisations and groups to improve attitudes towards mental health and to implement early intervention programs

Improve access to information and resources to support mental fitness

Be a visible, proactive, and positive presence in our communities

What are we doing:

We have been running mental fitness workshops with both staff and students at

Local schools: Kirk Hallam Sixth Form, St John Houghton School  

Further Education Colleges: Bilborough College, Broomfield Hall (Derby College)

Business Organisations: EMA training

Sports Clubs: Ilkeston Rugby Club, West Hallam Juniors Football Club

These sessions address many aspects of mental health and are produced and tailored with the leaders of each group to address the most pressing topics required. For example, attendees have learned about the importance of self care, about the need to think about the language we use that stigmatises mental health, and know what resources, advice and support are available to them, their friends and their family.

We are being asked to run many workshops, often multiple sessions at the same group to ensure coverage of attendees. As a result we have had train our team so that more of us are able to run and particpate in our Mental Fitness Workshops.

Below are some examples from sessions held.

As reported by one of the  Facilitators:

“What a positive morning delivering a workshop at Broomfield College. The young people were very engaged, enthusiastic & took part in the workshop really well. 

From the start most interacted really well and even those that took their time to warm to the idea still took part, made suggestions and gave feedback. The workshop started with a brilliant icebreaker, food & including the young people’s phones, two things young people love! This helped so much with how the workshop was being delivered from the word go. Presenting the Trust in a factual but interactive way definitely caught the group’s attention. Thinking about how we deal with stress, anxiety, suicide and their triggers and the ways we need to manage them and a visual aid using water and  filling up a jug, demonstrating how things can get too much and how do we manage this. The group also gave a massive amount of feedback which made the delivery of the workshop seamless. The visual aids also kept the young people’s attention. A Yoga breathing technique was also taught which came at the perfect time in the workshop. It made the atmosphere in the room change, as every single person contributed to learning the breathing skill and learning to listen to themselves.

An extremely positive delivery to the young people at Broomfield College. They thanked us all as a group and individually and it was very well received.”

In season, 2019-20, we partnered with Ilkeston Rugby Club to improve awareness of mental health and well-being and to challenge the stigma that prevents people from accessing the timely and appropriate support, advice and guidance they need.

We worked alongside players and coaches to improve attitudes to mental health and wellbeing and to empower young people in particular to seek the help, support or advice they need in improving their own outcomes and in preventing crisis.

We have been made so welcome at The Stute, home of Ilkeston Rugby Club, it’s fast becoming our home from home. Sessions have been incredibly successful already, (we’ve worked with U15s all the way up to the Seniors so far) with feedback showing 100% satisfaction with the information we are providing, and the way in which we deliver it. 

The attitude, involvement and interest shown by the players has certainly re-enforced the value of running these sessions.

We are being asked to provide workshops to more groups.

Currently, we are planning workshops with Broomfield Hall (Derby College), Breadsall Priory and EMA Training.

Watch this space for news!

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