Raise funds for the Will Garvey Trust Foundation

Raising funds for the Will Garvey Trust Foundation is a very simple process and we welcome gladly everyone’s efforts to do just that for us.

Pressing the adjacent ‘Raise funds’ speech bubble button will take you to the WTF fundraising page in the Totalgiving website, where further guidance on establishing a page to raise funds for the Will Garvey Trust Foundation will be provided. 

The screen will look like this below.


Totalgiving is a fundraising site that enables charities like WTF to receive all of the funds that you raise. We can therefore do more with funds raised through Totalgiving. We applaud them !

Press the ‘ Hide page ‘ button to go quickly to ‘google.co.uk‘.


For great advice (from Childline) on covering

your tracks, click  ‘ Cover tracks ‘ button


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Important information

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