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Our Memberships

Our Sponsors and Service providers

Our sponsors and service providers have kindly donated money and services to us, either through direct sponsorship, one off gifts or free/reduced service fees. We’d like to say thanks to those persons and organisations – thank you for your generosity, time and energy!  (Click the images to go through to their websites)

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Our Supporters

We have had so many supporters offering prize donations to the Will Garvey Trust Foundation and below we would like to recognise and thank the following:


Our Partners


EMA Training (Derby)

We are very proud to partner with EMA Training (Derby). We have run events, had speaking engagements there, and work with EMA Training on our Wellbeing Care Package project. 

WTF and EMA Training (Derby)

We are very proud to work with EMA Training.



ilkeston rufc

Ilkeston Rugby Union Football Club

We are very proud to have been chosen by Ilkeston RUFC to be on their rugby shirts to promote the WTF and to be able to work with them to address the issues of mental health with all players, staff and supporters across the age groups at Ilkeston RUFC.

WTF and Ilkeston RUFC

This season, 2019-20, we are partnering with Ilkeston Rugby Club to improve awareness of mental health and well-being and to challenge the stigma experienced on the playing field.

We aim to work alongside players, coaches and their parents to improve attitudes to mental health and wellbeing and to empower young people in particular to seek the help, support or advice they need in improving their own outcomes and in preventing crisis.

We are really looking forward to this project and are excited to meet and work with everyone down at the Stute.

For an update on our work with Ilkeston RUFC in season 2019/20, see here.

Click this link to go to the Ilkeston RUFC website to see their news item on this link up.

Nottingham Forest Football Club

Becoming part of the Nottingham Forest Community Trust’s focus group into improving mental health and wellbeing came as a result of our approach to the club in the wake of Will’s death by suicide in May 2016. 

WTF and Nottingham Forest FC

 The first event was hosted by the Community Trust in association with the Institute of Mental Health Nottingham at the City Ground and led to some really interesting conversations and discussions. The result of this was the ‘It’s Tricky to Talk’ campaign. Kev and Jo were invited to help launch the campaign at the City Ground and gave interviews to representatives from BBC East Midlands today, Notts TV,  and the NFFC TV channel (see videos below).as well as the Nottingham Evening Post.  The following day they also appeared on the Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Nottingham.

Jack Robinson, defender in the current Forest team, was supporting the initiative as he knows first-hand how debilitating depression can be, after suffering a career threatening injury. His input into the campaign has been crucial to its success and was kind and warm when Jo and Kev met him pitch side for the interviews.

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 Forest have also created a series of short videos that give an insight into what it might be like for some people who experience things like depression and anxiety. They are very short, to the point and are easily accessible for the Community Trust’s target audience. (Please see their videos here below).

Jo and Kev are thrilled to be involved in this project and wholeheartedly support the work being done by the Community Trust helping empower supporters to access the support they need and to raise the profile of mental illness across this particular demographic.

For more information on the Community Trust’s ‘Tricky to talk’ campaign see the NFFC website here.  

The ‘Tricky to talk’ campaign videos are included below. 

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