Supporting someone (18 or over)

We would always urge you to encourage them to talk to someone too – it’s Why Talking Fixes. Please tell them that talking with someone who is there to support them, can guide them most effectively to positive solutions and positive outcomes.  

Prefer texting ?

Try either of the options below in order to get support on how you can best support the person you are concerned about.



and text with a trained volunteer

See below for more info about CRISIS TEXT LINE  and a short video for more information.

Every texter is connected with a real-life human being trained to bring people from a hot moment to a cool calm place through active listening and collaborative problem-solving. All of the Crisis Volunteers donate their time to helping people in crisis.

For more info watch the video or visit the SHOUT website here – Shout crisis text line

See below for more info about HOPELINEUK provided by PAPYRUS (prevention of young suicide). 

HOPELINE247 advisers are all trained to help you focus on staying safe from suicide. Their training enables them to provide advice and support that may help you to move forward and stay alive. After your first contact you will receive an automated response with the HOPELINE247 opening hours, after that, your message will be picked up by one of their advisors who will get to know more about your individual situation so that the best help can be provided.

The video below from HopelineUK covers your mobile phone (phone support and text support). Note both text line numbers (the one above and the one in the video) are valid, but during the Coronavirus pandemic, it is suggested to use the number above rather than the one in the video. 

For more information on HopelineUK please use this link: HOPELINE247.

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For great advice (from Childline) on covering

your tracks, click  ‘ Cover tracks ‘ button


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Important information

Just need to let you know that all materials referenced below are to help you to help someone and that Will Garvey Trust Foundation cannot be responsible for their content or use. Here we provide links (signposts) for you, for example to other websites, videos and podcasts provided by other organisations and groups. Please use the information and resources responsibly and review any policies or disclaimers applicable at the referenced sites.