45 Club’s first morning walk. Fresh air and good company, beautiful!

Our morning walk on June 8th at 7am at Bennerley Viaduct. Well worth it!

From: Hadley Truman

After the success of our night hike at the end of winter, the locals who came along were left wanting more active events and so we decided to set up 45 club.

So what is the 45 Club? An opportunity for like minded individuals to come together to enjoy physical activity and nature – two factors proven to improve mental wellbeing. There is no pressure to, however, it is also an opportunity to speak to others about anything that is on your mind. Why the number 45? Whilst Will was at University he became part of the Leeds Gryphons American Football team and wore the number 45. The team later retired the 45 jersey and that’s how we plan to continue the tradition, the 45 shirt will be kept aside for if Kev (Will’s Dad would like to wear it).

We’ve now hosted a 5k run and walk, the most recent was the latter on 8th June (see picture above). Despite no sunrise, we had a great turnout of some familiar faces and quite a few new ones, I’m so proud of what we are cooking up at WTF, it’s a new adventure for the whole organisation! The first batch of membership forms were handed out in which people will get their own shirt with name and number on, hopefully we start to get some committed participants returning! We would love to see you at the next event.

Our club is for all abilities, ages and backgrounds. We don’t leave a member behind. We are 45 club.

And here’s some comments from one of our walkers, Chris Chambers…..

Delighted to get out on the Why Talking Fixes 45 Club walk this morning with TheBoss™️
Lovely wander under and over the Bennerley Viaduct and had a bit of a natter with friends old and new.
Even managed a bit of litter picking 👍
There are more walks planned over the summer, look out for them on the WTF FB page Will Garvey Trust Foundation and come along.

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