WTF supports West Hallam Methodist Church food bank

The Victorian Practice no Longer a Secret.


“A large village and civil parish in the county of Derbyshire”

This is the first line taken from West Hallam’s Wikipedia entry. WTF is based in West Hallam.

The Wiki page was surprisingly up to date. Last edited 21st March 2021.  The recent demolition of the White Hart for “Executive “style 4- & 5-bedroom houses was even included. I resisted the urge to  add Barry Manilow’s nephew, Alan, and the inventor of the nylon toothbrush, Kevin Colgate, as notable residents.

One measure the Office of National Statistics uses to gauge the wealth of an area is percentage level of home ownership. West Hallam scores well in this metric. Its own home ownership is significantly above the national average. This puts West Hallam in the affluent bracket. The affluence is backed up by the Bottle Kiln. Afterall, the village is now a destination because of it. The Bottle Kiln, ranked 27th best attraction in Erewash, lagging behind the Nat West Hole, Beacon Bingo and the Spanish Bar.

However, what it doesn’t say on its Wiki page, is that West Hallam now has a food bank. Located and run by the West Hallam Methodist Church, the food bank is delivering more than 40 parcels per week. Covid, furlough and company closures have combined to hit an area with a 20% higher than national average of “Intermediate Management, Administrative and Professional Households” hard.

WTF and West Hallam Food Bank are now working together. Whilst the team at the food bank provide valuable grocery assistance to our local community, we have been supplying hand written cards letting our residents, in need, know that we are thinking about them and signposting them to our website.

Whilst, we recognise our messages aren’t going to pay the gas bill or slip nicely between two slices of bread, we want those less fortunate to find comfort in knowing that our community is thinking about them.

One of the fundamental drivers for our charity has always been, that if we can stop just the one family from experiencing the agony and loss that Jo and I have experienced, then we will have achieved something worthwhile. Our messages offer hope.


And, whilst “affluent West Hallam” no longer has the fancy dress emporium “Victorian Secrets”, a Mr Ben inspired shop, specialising in mid to late 19th century adult fantasy wear (this Wikipedia entry, sadly has now been taken down), it has, like every other town and village, large or small, issues. It has families and individuals who need the reassurance that help is always available. Working with the food bank, WTF are providing that.

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