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We set up WTF in the aftermath of our son’s death by suicide. Will was only 20 when he died, when he had so much to offer, and so much yet to experience. We realised quite soon after Will’s death that we couldn’t sit by and not do something to prevent this happening again.

Suicide is the leading cause of death in young people, with as many as 200 schoolchildren taking their own lives each year in the UK. Suicide is often linked with depression and anxiety – 1 in 4 of us will have experienced some sort of mental health issues over the last year. 

Our aim is to raise awareness of suicide and mental health with our central mantra based on the slogan W.T.F.Why Talking Fixes.  Our charity’s primary focus is on young people (aged 13-25) and their support communities but we hope and intend that our resources and activities find relevance to everyone looking for support.

Suicide and mental health can be difficult subjects to approach, but it is vital to facilitate conversation around these matters to tackle the stigma which surrounds them. It is important for young people to realise that it is okay to experience mental health issues, and that they are not alone.

 If we can say we have prevented at least one family from suffering the loss of their child through suicide then we will have made a large difference to people’s lives that are affected by the loss of one precious life.

This drives why we are here – no-one else should experience suicide or the loss of a loved one to suicide. We seek a future where our communities are suicide safe for our young people. We will reach for that by – enabling young people to choose a different path.

See our objectives to understand how we translate that intent into actions and activities.

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