Our Goals

The Will Garvey Trust Foundation (WTF) is very much in its infancy. We recognise that we must act incrementally to address our purpose (that no-one else should experience suicide or the loss of a loved one to suicide) and drive towards making ‘talking communities’ that are suicide safe by enabling young people to choose a different path. We have therefore established a set of goals (‘how we will do it’) that reflect this and that anchor each of our past, current and future initiatives and their associated activities. You can find out more about ‘What we do’, our current initiatives and how they contribute to our goals by clicking here

Below we set out our goals to achieve our purpose. 


We have four WTF goals each supported by objectives that drive our activities:

Work with local organisations and groups to improve attitudes towards mental health and to implement early intervention programs

 Particularly in schools, colleges, sports clubs,  youth groups and apprenticeship training organisations.  

Our current objectives for this goal are focussed on Wellbeing Libraries in schools and colleges, and running workshops with local sports clubs/youth groups and apprenticeship training organisations. We have also initiated a pilot scheme for ‘Wellbeing packages’ to be presented to young people in need of support and guidance.

Improve access to information and resources to support mental fitness

For both young people experiencing mental health issues and for those people who care for them (‘Provision and Signposting’). 

As well as the objectives above also contributing to this goal, our current additional objectives are focussed on providing guidance and support through our website for those in need and those who care about them; social media output to engage others in pursuit of mental fitness; and representation and active participation at local community events.

Be a visible, proactive, and positive presence in our communities

Raising the awareness of issues surrounding mental health across the wider community and forging support structures equipped to engage, support and guide young people. 

As well as the objectives above also contributing to this goal, our current additional objectives are focussed on providing accessible information through our website about Will Garvey Trust Foundation (its purpose, intentions and actions); networking and membership with relevant local organisations and national organisations; hosting local events; speaking at other groups/organisations events; and establishing mutually beneficial relationships with local organisations and institutions such as universities.

Train our trustees and volunteers as Mental Health First Aiders and equip them to be vital advocates for WTF

This will enable our team of trustees and volunteers to not only achieve the three goals above but also enable them to be valuable members of the communities we seek to serve and to respond quickly and effectively to relevant needs that arise.

Our current objectives for this goal are focussed on a full Mental Health First Aid training programme and a Safeguarding training programme for our trustees.

Additional objectives to support all four goals

In order to support and achieve all the goals above, we have two additional objectives that are x-goal and that are imperatives for our organisation. 

Firstly, to raise the necessary funds required to drive the current (and future) objectives of each goal. Secondly, to recruit the volunteers, ambassadors, advocates. and others to enable us to make things happen.

Talking communities can make the difference

Ultimately we aim to build ‘Talking communities‘; in homes, in schools, in churches, the supermarket, the pub, everywhere and anywhere that conversations might take place.  It’s important we all know ‘Why talking fixes‘ (our motto) and more importantly where to go for advice, support and guidance; we seek communities that are not afraid, embarrassed or ashamed of talking about how they feel and communities who can support each other through life’s challenges.

If we can achieve those four goals above, we will make a significant impact on enabling young people to choose a different path and making our ‘talking communities’ suicide safe.

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