WTF Social Media

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Initiative purpose: 

The WTF Social Media initiative is there to inform our followers and others about WTF, its activities and events and to encourage those who find themselves experiencing challenging times that there are people, groups, events, and techniques that are all there to help those going through those tough times. 

Supported goals: 

Improve access to information and resources to support mental fitness

Be a visible, proactive, and positive presence in our communities

What are we doing:

Our current Social Media platforms are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

We are targeting three audiences with our Social Media.

1. Those wanting to find out about the Will Garvey Trust Foundation (WTF)

2. Those looking for support to help themselves

3. Those looking for support to help someone else 


Here are links to each of our Social Media channels




These accounts help us:

  • keep in touch with supporters
  • promote our events
  • raise the profile of mental health and wellbeing
  • signpost information for those who might need it

If you are interested in our WTF Social Media policy that sets out our guidelines on how social media should be used to support the delivery and promotion of WTF: The Will Garvey Trust Foundation, and the use of social media by staff, volunteers and trustees in both a professional and personal capacity, please contact us to request it.

We will explore other Social Media platforms in the future.

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For great advice (from Childline) on covering

your tracks, click  ‘ Cover tracks ‘ button


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Important information

Just need to let you know that all materials referenced below are to help you to help someone and that Will Garvey Trust Foundation cannot be responsible for their content or use. Here we provide links (signposts) for you, for example to other websites, videos and podcasts provided by other organisations and groups. Please use the information and resources responsibly and review any policies or disclaimers applicable at the referenced sites.