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In why we are here, along with our purpose, we have set out the outcome we seek – to have local ‘talking’ communities that are suicide safe and how we will drive for that – by enabling young people to choose a different path.  We have set out in our goals how we intend to accomplish that and therefore these goals act as the anchor points for all the objectives, actions and activities we set ourselves. Every objective, action and activity will contribute to one or more of those goals and our purpose. 

We detail the objectives, actions and activities that have been completed in our successes, explaining its ‘purpose’, a summary of the ‘outcomes’ achieved and for those interested, more details about ‘what happened’.

We also detail the status of the objectives, actions and activities currently underway as well as those yet to start in our plans and initiatives.  Here again we explain its ‘purpose’, some ‘details’ about what is happening/planned and an ‘update’ of where we currently are.

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