Wellbeing libraries making great progress in local schools

Wellbeing Libraries making great progress in local schools

More than 200 school age children die by suicide every single year. How can this be right? Every time I look at, or hear, the statistics, I’m horrified, saddened, frustrated, angered, and a million other things too. What kind of a world are we living in when children and young people feel that their only option is suicide?

It’s easy to feel useless, impotent, helpless, in the face of such horror, but there are things we can do, including our Wellbeing Libraries.

The WTF Wellbeing Library provides resources for young people, in the place they spend the majority of their waking life: in school. This means that information and signposting are accessible to young people right where they are at. They don’t have to make a special visit anywhere – it’s right there when they need it.

The Wellbeing Library project is going from strength to strength. We are about to install two more libraries in the next two weeks: one at Granville Academy in Swadlincote, and one at Lees Brook Community School, Chaddesden.

Both school link teachers are really excited about getting the resources set up and are keen for students to get involved in the day to day running of the libraries. This is one of the main aims of the project: to enable young people themselves to take more responsibility for what they need, and what their friends need in terms of optimising their emotional wellbeing and mental health.

Word of mouth seems to be working overtime – we already have three more schools interested.

If you would like to find out more about our Wellbeing Libraries please do get in touch here.

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