Will Garvey Trust Foundation - Privacy policy

 Version 2 : Date 15/06/2020 

Please read this Privacy policy before providing us with any personal information. When you do provide any personal information it means that you accept and agree to this Privacy policy.



We take your privacy seriously and we respect your privacy and data rights. We aim to be transparent when we collect data and not do anything you wouldn’t reasonably expect.

 The difference between Personal information and Non-identifiable information is shown below.

  • Personal information is information about you that is personally identifiable, for example your name, email address or phone number, or your date of birth.
  • Non-identifiable information is information that our system records in order to use our services. It is not possible to identify you using this data. This data may include the page you are browsing, the OS you are using and the browser you are using.


In addition, we use ‘cookies’ when you use our website – small text files that make interacting with our website faster and easier.  Further information can be found in our ‘cookies policy’

 Developing a better understanding of our supporters through their personal data allows us to make better decisions, fundraise more effectively and ultimately help us to achieve the objectives of the Will Garvey Trust Foundation (WTF).

Below we summarise the collection and usage of this personal information and how it is subsequently managed.

If you have any queries about this policy please contact the Will Garvey Trust Foundation via email at: Info@willgarveytrustfoundation.org.uk

Collection of Personal data


  • In carrying out our normal activities, we may process and store personal information and we are therefore required to adhere to the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018(DPA). We take our responsibilities under this act very seriously and ensure personal information we obtain is held, used, transferred and processed in accordance with that Act and all other applicable data protection laws and regulations including, but not limited to, the Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations and General Data Protection Regulation.


Personal data we may collect

  • Examples of personal data that may be collected are:
  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Age
  4. Donation
  5. Telephone number


Personal data given directly by you to us (Will Garvey Trust Foundation)

  • You may have given us your personal data as a result of
  1. Making a donation,
  2. taking part in an event,
  3. using WTF social media platforms (Facebook, twitter etc)
  4. communicating with us via email
  5. Completing our contact form on the website
  6. or any of the other ways to interact with us (both digitally and non-digitally).


Personal data given indirectly from you to us (from third parties)

  • Your personal information may be shared with us by independent event/service organisers, who we are working with to achieve our charity’s objectives. Examples include Total Giving who manage donations to the Charity and clubs/societies that we work with (for example, rugby clubs, football clubs). These independent third parties will only share your personal data with us when you have indicated that you have given your consent to share it. To better understand how these sites or groups will process your data, you can check the Privacy Policies on their websites or directly with them.
  • Sometimes information may be available to us from third party sites where you have given permission for this data to be accessible (e.g. Facebook). Please ensure you regularly check your personal privacy settings for social media and messaging services to make sure you only give permission for access to personal data that you want to be shared.


Children’s personal data (aged under16)

  • We want to protect the privacy of children aged 16 or under who may access our website or social media accounts or make contact with us in other ways. Where possible and appropriate anyone aged 16 or under should get their parent/guardian’s permission before providing us with any personal information. In addition, where possible and appropriate we will always seek consent from a parent or guardian before collecting personal information about children.



Usage of data

We may use your personal data to

  • make sure that our website content is presented in the best way for you and your device
  • process a donation or payment that you have made including Gift Aid (donations via Total Giving or given to us directly)
  • keep a record of your relationship with us
  • see your views or comments on the services we provide
  • notify you of changes to our service
  • send you communications that you have requested or that may be of interest to you.


In addition

  • In some instances, we may collect and use personal information where this is necessary in our ‘legitimate interest’ as a charity. We only ever collect this data within the confines of the law and balanced against your rights as an individual and use that data in a way or for a purpose that you would reasonable expect, in accordance with this policy.
  • We may disclose your Personal Data where it complies with a court order or other legal process or request by law enforcement authorities or to defend WTF against any legal claims or protect WTF in the case of suspected fraud or defamation.
  • We will not sell, trade, rent or distribute your personal data to third parties



Management of data

Data Storage & Security

  • Personal data will be stored securely. For details contact us at info@willgarveytrustfoundation.org.uk.
  • Any forms completed e.g. on website will be encrypted.
  • The security of all data is very important. This website implements the following measures: protection of servers by firewalls, SSL connections where required and encryption of sensitive data. This list is not exhaustive.
  • Data provided not via online formats will also be stored securely. For details contact us at info@willgarveytrustfoundation.org.uk


Retention of data

  • Personal data will be retained for as long as is necessary for the charity to perform its purpose and achieve its objectives.
  • If you no longer want to have a relationship with the charity and require your personal data to be removed, it is your responsibility to request removal of all data associated with you. (See Data Removal below).


Data Access

  • We undertake regular reviews of who has access to personal information that we hold to ensure that the information is only accessible by Will Garvey Trust Foundation’s appropriately trained staff and volunteers.
  • You may request to see your Personal data at any time by emailing the Will Garvey Trust Foundation at info@willgarveytrustfoundation.org.uk. Please be aware that we may need to ask you to provide us with proof of identity in order to share the information. This is to ensure your data is secure and we are not sharing it with someone else.
  • If there are any discrepancies in the personal information held by the Will Garvey Trust Foundation please let us know and we will correct them.


Data Sharing

  • We will only share your data with appropriate bodies (as indicated in Usage of data, above).


Data Removal

  • You may request removal of your data at any time by emailing us at info@willgarveytrustfoundation.org.uk. Please be aware that we may need to ask you to provide us with proof of identity in order delete your data. This is to ensure your data is secure and we are not taking action on personal data other than from requests from the correct individual.



Third party links – responsibility and liability

  • Our website may contain hyperlinks to other 3rd party websites (for example, Total Giving for donations or other charities with similar objectives). We have no control over the websites, content or services of these 3rd parties. This Privacy policy only applies to Personal Data that has been gathered through direct/indirect interaction with Will Garvey Trust Foundation as described above.
  • Please refer to the Privacy policy of the linked websites to see their statements on collecting, using and managing your Personal data.



Changes to the Privacy policy

  • This policy may be updated at any time, for any reason (for example, new charity objectives, new ways of working, new laws).
  • You will be notified of any changes via the website/social media platforms.
  • By continuing to use the website or social media platforms you are implicitly accepting those changes. (If you no longer wish to have a relationship with the Will Garvey Trust Foundation and require your personal data to be removed, see Data Removal above)

Volunteer Corner

Important information

Just need to let you know that all materials referenced below are to help you to help someone and that Will Garvey Trust Foundation cannot be responsible for their content or use. Here we provide links (signposts) for you, for example to other websites, videos and podcasts provided by other organisations and groups. Please use the information and resources responsibly and review any policies or disclaimers applicable at the referenced sites.