Supporting someone (under 18) as a friend

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Here are some additional viewing options that you may wish to review. Some are general, some are specific. Please refer to the information provided.


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Suicidal thoughts

General help

Specific scenarios (Anxiety etc)

Coping techniques

Suicidal thoughts

Five steps to help a mate

How to help a friend feeling suicidal

Ways to help someone who feels suicidal

Why people might want to take their own life and what you can do about it

3 common myths and misconceptions

Small ways to help a friend who is suicidal

14 ways to tell if someone is suicidal

Spotting the signs

Hopeline UK – you can talk to them about your friend

Depression, Suicide and the Power of Hope

Why we need to talk about suicide

General help

5 tips to help you deal with your friend’s mental illness

Supporting someone with a mental health problem

Starting a conversation when you are worried about them

Can you make someone get help with their mental health

Play Video

How to listen so young people feel supported

Emotional Theory comes alive

Understanding adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)

Below are some videos on specific topics such as self harm and anxiety (see the titles) but first here’s a link to ‘Local mental health advice and help for young people under 25 in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire‘ where you can select a topic to see videos and other materials to help you help someone else (make sure to select the ‘parent/carer’ option).

Advice on multiple scenarios

Self harm

How to support someone who is self-harming

Understanding anxiety and depression

Understanding depression

Anxiety explained

Let’s talk about Anxiety

Helping my friend with depression

Coping techniques

A simple relaxation or grounding strategy

Self-soothe boxes – what, why how ?

The Pig of Happiness

We would always urge you to encourage them to talk to someone – it’s ‘Why Talking Fixes’. Please tell them that talking with someone who is there to support them can guide them most effectively to positive solutions and positive outcomes.  

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