Supporting yourself (18 or over)

The following organisations provide an online chat or email facility to engage in discussion and provide support. See the details of each organisation below by clicking their image.  

If you want to find support via an online community forum, then we would advise that you start by reviewing the Samaritans guidance on talking online safely and use their recommended safe spaces run and moderated by charity organisations.

Online support groups to contact

Click the image logos below to be taken through to the relevant pages of their websites.

The Mix provide a range of services including email and online counselling (as well as text, and telephone based services).

Papyrus provides an email service. (They also provide a texting and telephone service).

Samaritans provides an email service. (They also provide a telephone service).

Mentell host weekly (Monday 7-9pm) Online Circles which act as a peer to peer support system for men (18+) looking to offload worries and concerns in a non-clinical way, run and organised by trained and experienced Mentell facilitators over Zoom.

Kooth provide an online message/chat service. (You will need to “join” to make use of their services).

CALM provide an online chat service. (They also provide a telephone support service).

Qwell provide online counselling for adults. (You will need to “join” to make use of their services).

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For great advice (from Childline) on covering

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Important information

Just need to let you know that all materials referenced below are to help you to help someone and that Will Garvey Trust Foundation cannot be responsible for their content or use. Here we provide links (signposts) for you, for example to other websites, videos and podcasts provided by other organisations and groups. Please use the information and resources responsibly and review any policies or disclaimers applicable at the referenced sites.