Latest additions

P3 People Potential Possibilities: New 'Talking' option added to support pages - Derby/Derbyshire 24/7 helplines

First Steps: Eating disorders: New 'Reading' material added to support pages - 'Coping with the festive season'

Relate Derby/Southern Derbyshire: New 'Talking' option added to support pages - helpline support for parents/carers/friends (Tuesdays 1:30pm - 4:30pm)

Mentell's 'Online Circles' added to 18 or over 'Help me' online counselling page

Action for Children: added four new reading options for parents covering 'anxious feelings', 'self-esteem', 'loneliness' and 'stress' in your child.

New material from 'Time to change' added to 'additional reading' section on 'How to start a conversation about mental health'

New Men's Minds Matters material added to 'additional reading' section regarding 'What to do if you are feeling suicidal' and 'Helping a friend who may be feeling suicidal'

Added Papyrus Hopecast to 'additional listening' sections - a podcast site which looks to make suicide part of everyday conversations

Yes futures: added 'Wellbeing/Mindfulness' short guides for under 18s, and 'Tips for empowering teenagers', for parents helping their children

For quick access to hints and tips for dealing with Coronavirus or the Ukraine war, or if you just want to talk to someone right now, click the buttons below.

For more in depth support and guidance, select the best option below that suits your need.

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If you are not feeling so good right now then click on the age appropriate “Help me” button above.  Whether you feel sad, lonely, depressed, anxious, stressed or any other scary feeling, then we want to help you with signposts and links to resources  (videos, podcasts, reading materials and groups) that you can use to help yourself; and in particular, details about teams who you can contact (by phone, text or online), who will listen and talk and provide you with more personalised support and guidance. There are resources and people that really can make a difference for you.

Help me to help someone else

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If you are concerned about someone else, then click on the age appropriate button above.  Here you will find access to resources (videos, podcasts, reading materials and groups) and teams you can contact (by phone, text or online), that can help you to help that person. We also, importantly, point to information about how you can help yourself too.

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Just need to let you know that all materials referenced below are to help you to help someone and that Will Garvey Trust Foundation cannot be responsible for their content or use. Here we provide links (signposts) for you, for example to other websites, videos and podcasts provided by other organisations and groups. Please use the information and resources responsibly and review any policies or disclaimers applicable at the referenced sites.