Dan Edwards’ awesome Gameathon for WTF raises £467

Gameathons are an annual event for Dan. This year he has raised money for Will Garvey Trust Foundation and raised a whopping £467 – BIG BIG THANKS Dan !! 

Direct from Dan:

I did a 24 hour continuous gaming stream (which I have been doing annually for a few years now, for a bit of fun and to raise money for good causes like WTF).

I did this one at home with a few friends and together we raised our highest ever amount for WTF of £467 and we’re really pleased with this.

We played FIFA, Call Of Duty, Rocket League and Need For Speed mainly (my personal favourite is probably Fifa). A high point this year was realising that we had some viewers on the live stream, who were not family or friends, which hasn’t happened before, so it was nice to speak to different people and see we were actually being viewed.

It’s a bit of slog doing a 24 hour stream, and we hit a bit of a low point 16 hours in, when I realised I’d actually already been up for 25 hours! And this does weird things to your appetite – I’m always hungry – but I didn’t eat at all! But, we had a great laugh and knew that what we were doing was going to make a difference to the lives of young people, and that was definitely worth it.

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