Chris Milner takes on new WTF role as Research Lead

Great news!  Chris Milner has agreed to take up a post with Will Garvey Trust Foundation (WTF) as our Research Lead.

Chris himself says….

“As a family friend and someone who’s been involved with mental health professionally and academically, I simply couldn’t turn down the chance to help WTF in any way I could. I work as a social researcher investigating, amongst many other issues, mental health. Research is really important for understanding how mental health impacts everyone, especially young people, and I’m helping WTF build on this. My work has taught me that reaching out for help is really difficult, and we need to be less afraid of talking to each other. Talking really does fix, and that’s what WTF is all about.”

Thanks for joining Chris and we look forward to new and impactful research into topics that matter for WTF and those we seek to support. 

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