Willfest21 – going on the ‘green’ journey

Organic growth. Now there’s a term bandied around casually like dandelion clocks floating on the mid-summer breeze. It’s a phrase often associated with how a business or even an idea develops. Organic growth is low hanging fruit and an easy target for derision. However, once you’ve stumbled over and around the piles of corporate jargon […]

Willfest20: it wasn’t the norm, but what a show !

What does a normal Willfest look like? Well, usually there are hundreds of people; there’s 8 hours of loud, live music; there’s comedy; there are local businesses selling all sorts from lip balm to burgers; and  there are always conversations about Will and warm hugs. It’s a great coming together to celebrate Will’s life. So […]

Willfest20 will happen, just not as you know it!

Will didn’t get to celebrate his 21st birthday, he died just a few weeks before it, and we decided to celebrate it in the way we think Will would have wanted, with live music, beer and food: Willfest was born. It has become our biggest annual fundraiser, and this year we’ve had to make the […]