Membership of the National Council of Voluntary Organisations conferred on WTF

The Will Garvey Trust Foundation has obtained membership of the National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO). The NCVO is a very important organisation for small charities like ours and we intend to make good use of the support and services they offer. Here’s what they are about…. “We champion the voluntary sector by connecting, representing […]

Will Marler takes on new role as WTF Animation/Design Lead

More great news!  Will Marler has confirmed he will take up the post of Animation/Design Lead with the Will Garvey Trust Foundation (WTF). Will himself says…. “I’m an animator and designer. I love what I do and I’ve worked with some very exciting clients – including the BBC, BRIT Awards, LEGO, and am responsible for […]

Chris Milner takes on new WTF role as Research Lead

Great news!  Chris Milner has agreed to take up a post with Will Garvey Trust Foundation (WTF) as our Research Lead. Chris himself says…. “As a family friend and someone who’s been involved with mental health professionally and academically, I simply couldn’t turn down the chance to help WTF in any way I could. I […]

WTF obtains membership of the National Suicide Prevention Alliance

We are really pleased to announce that the Will Garvey Trust Foundation is  now a member of the National Suicide Prevention Alliance. We are looking forward to working with the Alliance whose aim closely aligns with ours: to reduce suicide. For more information about our membership please see the  National Suicide Prevention Alliance (NSPA) tweet below […]

Lucy Eckloff joins WTF extended team to contribute to charity’s ambitions

A warm welcome to Lucy who has recently signed up as one of our ‘Champions’. Lucy is an experienced Market Research manager/consultant, with a growing passion for helping and supporting charities in the not-for-profit sector. Lucy has seen the work already undertaken by WTF, is fully aware of WTF’s objectives and is very keen to […]

DCC Action Grant awarded to WTF

In June, we were encouraged enormously by the award of a grant from Derbyshire County Council for £1000. The Action Grant is to support our plan to install a wellbeing library in all our local schools.  We aim to roll this out beginning in the new academic year, coronavirus allowing. We are really grateful to […]

WTF now formally a member of The Erewash Partnership

WTF are now part of The Erewash Partnership which means we are part of a growing group of local businesses, organisations and charities to benefit from local peer support, expert knowledge and experience. The aim of the partnership is to foster and promote enterprise and to support the wellbeing of local residents and so is […]

Willfest20 will happen, just not as you know it!

Will didn’t get to celebrate his 21st birthday, he died just a few weeks before it, and we decided to celebrate it in the way we think Will would have wanted, with live music, beer and food: Willfest was born. It has become our biggest annual fundraiser, and this year we’ve had to make the […]