Wellbeing libraries making great progress in local schools

Wellbeing Libraries making great progress in local schools More than 200 school age children die by suicide every single year. How can this be right? Every time I look at, or hear, the statistics, I’m horrified, saddened, frustrated, angered, and a million other things too. What kind of a world are we living in when […]

Samaritans give positive feedback and practical suggestions following review of WTF website

Samaritans review the WTF website and make practical implementable recommendations to enhance it WTF have spent a lot of time and energy building, curating and presenting accessible content on our website, for either those seeking support for themselves during tough times or for those seeking to support someone else going through a difficult period.  Samaritans […]

Willfest21 – going on the ‘green’ journey

Organic growth. Now there’s a term bandied around casually like dandelion clocks floating on the mid-summer breeze. It’s a phrase often associated with how a business or even an idea develops. Organic growth is low hanging fruit and an easy target for derision. However, once you’ve stumbled over and around the piles of corporate jargon […]

Opportunity To Be Part of a Lived Experience Panel with Samaritans

Samaritans Lived Experience Panel Article from Derbyshire Mental Health Forum Dear Colleagues, There is an opportunity to be part of a Lived Experience Panel. Samaritans are creating more opportunities for people with personal experience of using their services, and of suicide and self-harm, including those bereaved, to share their views and experiences. Samaritans’ Lived Experience […]

My lived experience with anxiety and depression – Dean

‘Thank you Dean for sharing your story’ – WTF The Ascent It is hard to believe that it was 18 months since I was diagnosed with suffering from anxiety and depression. It has felt both the longest and yet quickest period of time in my entire life. At the beginning, when I was first barely […]